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Architectural Support

Our team provides support services to assist architects, designers, and specifiers. Support ranges from help with product selection to determining exact technical specifications.

Estimating Services

MAR Supply is very frequently consulting during the bidding phases of commercial bidding projects. We work vigorously to ensure the products we carry are approved and we always offer project-specific pricing available to our customers in a timely manner. Odds are, we already have pricing on-hand for your public bidding project!


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Tapered Estimating

Our tapered estimating staff provides our customers the flexibility of evaluating different tapered ISO-designed layouts for their project. This service is ultimately designed to save money and provide the best solution possible for the project at hand. We offer this service in-house which allows you to obtain the answers you need before the bid date.

Projects Submittals

MAR Supply not only provides you with the products you need, but with the drawings and submittals that win approvals and keep your project on schedule. Few other distributors provide this valuable service. We are endlessly committed to making sure our customers' projects are a success.

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Delivery Promise

We strive to provide service and delivery with a sense of urgency to meet your requested delivery schedules. We understand how important it is for you to get exactly what you ordered, exactly when you need it. Our time-tested systems provide us with dependable order accuracy and the ability to meet delivery schedules.




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